Introducing Our Partner: Plastic Oceans International

“Plastic Oceans deserves the support and participation of all of us who hope to bequeath a livable world to future generations.”

— Noam Chomsky, on Plastic Oceans

How much plastic in the ocean?

Marine plastic pollution is one of the most horrifying and looming global issues facing the world today.

To understand how huge the problem is and why it is one of the biggest concerns for our generation, just see some facts about plastic waste:

  • Plastic is indestructible – every bit of plastic ever created is still on earth with us today
  • Over 8 million tons!!! of plastic is dumped in the oceans each year
  • We produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic each year
  • We use 20 million plastic water bottles every year
  • 50% of all plastic is single-use, with 12 minutes being the average time of use.
  • 80% of ocean use originates from land 
  • Over 40% of sea birds have ingested plastic 
  • Fish ingest plastic and it then becomes part of the food chain – ultimately being consumed by humans. Ingesting these toxins has been linked to cancers, cognitive problems, and infertility. 
  • The oceans provide us with 50% of the oxygen we breath

Right now there are more than 51 trillion pieces of microplastic in our oceans - that's more than 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy.

We can not afford to wait any longer. We need to take action now. 


Our Partner Plastic Oceans: international programs and global initiatives

Plastic Oceans is a non-profit organization creating a global movement to rethink plastic and save our seas. They produce, distribute and support film and other digital content focusing on the planet’s health and conservation, and promoting a global movement to rethink plastic. Their projects, partnerships, and initiatives serve to change thinking and shift behavior by engaging, informing and inspiring audiences. They are also calls to action, which foster solutions to the sustainability problems threatening Earth’s ecosystems and humankind. 

Plastic Oceans also works with educators to create powerful learning experiences for students and teachers and provides water refill stations to underserved schools worldwide through its Rethink. Refill. program. The Rethink. Refill. program offers an educational experience where students become a part of the solution that combats single-use plastic waste.

Swim Against Plastic is a global campaign to help end plastic pollution. It launched on Easter Island, Chile in March 2019 with the help of Plastic Oceans partner, Breathe Conservation.

When you buy a ring, you’re helping clean the ocean

Our oceans are suffocating from plastic pollution and it’s predicted that if we don't act now, by 2050 there’ll be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

We’re committed to making a wave of change by partnering with Plastic Oceans and empowering anyone to help make a difference. 

With every purchase of Okean Collection ring, proceeds are donated directly to the organization to support cleaning expeditions, development of legislation and fostering solutions for a plastic-free future.