The OKEAN COLLECTION STORY: Two Women Inspired by the Ocean

“It’s about time we started believing in ourselves and in our individual and collective power.

Our jewelry is a talisman for reclamation. A symbol of our values and the mission we’re on!” 

Anat Kaplan, Okéan Collection Co-Founder


Every brand begins with a story.

I want to share with you my personal story as a co-founder of Okean Collection, and the story of my dear friend and co-founder Anat.

Anat Kaplan, Okean Collection co-founder, is a fine jewelry designer and the creator of Anouk Jewelry, a fine jewelry brand born over 10 years ago.  Anouk Jewelry is a collection of unique engagement rings, wedding bands, and signature pieces, but I really want to tell you more about Anat as a person.

I have never met anyone with a deeper connection to the sea, than Anat. Her work reflects the organic elements of the ocean, invoking the seashore, and its natural textures.  Wearing her jewelry reminds you of the foamy sandy beaches. Looking at her rings, you feel the ocean breeze caressing you. I imagine that every time Anat visits the ocean, it whispers a new design to her!



Because of her special bond with the seashore, defending our oceans from modern pollution and saving them from the endless consumption by humans, has always been close to Anat’s heart.  Feeling powerless to protect the oceans' future has been very difficult for Anat. Hearing the passion in her voice and the emotion in her eyes when talking about it, touched my heart.

Fortunately, feeling hopeless does not reflect Anat’s character. Being a dynamic and artistic soul, Anat was looking for a solution that could bring change about. While swimming in Mexico, her inspired mind gave birth to a beautiful idea. She had the vision to use her skills as a jewelry artist, to empower women to make a collective difference.


I met Anat through a mutual artist friend one sunny February morning. We met over brunch and she shared her idea to start a movement, expressed through a unique line of ocean-inspired fashion jewelry.  Having a vast previous experience in business development and project management, I realized then what makes me truly happy, and decided to help shape this newly born idea and implement it, bringing it into the world.

Our talk sparked my imagination and I became obsessed with our jewelry line and the impact it would have. I always wanted my life to be about something bigger than just myself. It was a serendipitous moment when Anat and I shared our thoughts and realized we were the perfect team.

I fell in love with the idea of creating beautiful pieces that would celebrate the power of women, while simultaneously giving back to the environment. Breathing life into this project became my true passion.

And so Okéan Collection was born from the idea that as a group, we can be empowered to start a movement and make a real positive impact for the planet.

This is just the beginning of our story and we encourage you to write the next chapter with us!

With Love, Veronika