Cleaning the Ocean, One Ring at a Time

Okean Collection emerged from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  The idea of a jewelry brand was born, to honour our beloved waterscape by giving back to the life source that inspires and invigorates us to no end.

It’s no secret that our planet is suffocating under all the plastic we, humans, are dumping in the waters. It is a sad and alarming reality and we wanted to do our part to help clean the oceans that are the source of life for all of us on Earth.

Being a female team of jewelry designer and a project manager, the best way we could think of honouring nature was to create a sustainable jewelry brand, which empowers women, while also giving back to the environment.

While we’re passionate about beautiful and sustainable jewelry and empowering women through fashion, we didn’t know much about environmental activism. That’s why we researched the best organization to partner with, and when we found Plastic Oceans, we knew we found the one! 

How to rethink plastic together: Plastic Oceans as a global movement

Plastic Oceans International is a non-profit organization creating a global movement to rethink plastic and save our seas. Their mission is to change consumer behaviour, corporate and public policy, and foster solutions to plastic pollution. They’re achieving this goal by educating through film and digital content that focuses on conservation and planet health.

How you are helping the ocean

Creating Okean Collection as a fashion jewelry brand, we were inspired by the natural forms and organic shapes of the natural elements, the water, the waves, the beaches, and the sand. We created a collection of five statement rings, each bringing to mind a natural form and carrying an inspirational message. The rings are sustainably produced and responsibly packaged, and serve to be a reminder of our connection to Nature.

This is where YOU come in! Every time a ring is purchased, a donation is made to Plastic Oceans, to facilitate their educational mission to help stop the plastic pollution of our waters.

We hope you join our movement and through your purchase become a supporter of clean water, fresh air and luscious green plants in our home, planet Earth.

To donate directly to Plastic Oceans go to Plastic Oceans.