Okéan Collection is an artisan collection of statement rings designed for free-spirited, environmentally-conscious women who want to make a positive impact on our planet.

Our Jewellery

Inspired by the ocean, for the ocean

Inspired by the beauty and energy of the sea and mirroring natural textures and formations of the ocean and coastline, Okéan Collection is lovingly crafted by hand, cast in brass and plated in 14k gold.

Each ring is designed with the ocean in mind; a bold, conversational piece that raises awareness about the importance of preserving oceans and eliminating the damage caused by plastic. With five trillion tonnes of plastic floating at sea right now, we’re committed to making a difference – so proceeds from every purchase are donated directly to our partner organisation to help preserve and clean our seas.

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Engraved with a word of intention on the back of the band, each ring carries a powerful message; a symbol of empowerment and kindness towards both ourselves and the planet.

It’s a keepsake and a daily reminder that you have everything you need inside you - you have the power to shape your own life and make an impact in the world.

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Our Values


Wearing an Okéan Collection ring is a personal reminder of the inner strength and power we hold as individuals to make a difference within ourselves and towards the planet.


From our design process to packaging, everything we do is inspired by our respect for nature and desire to make an impact fighting pollution.


Our bold collection makes both a visual and environmental impact - each design represents a personal statement on what we stand for as women.


Just like waves and ripples in the ocean, each design is unique. Our artisan approach ensures you own more than just another piece of jewellery: it’s a sculptural objet d’art.

Our Story

Anat Kaplan has spent the last 10 years designing fine jewellery behind the brand Anouk Jewellery.

She’s always felt a deep connection to the sea, and her work largely reflects the organic elements of the ocean, the seashore, and its natural textures. Preserving and protecting our oceans from pollution has always been close to her heart, but living far from the ocean and unable to donate funds left her feeling powerless to do anything about the problem.

One day while swimming in Mexico, Anat had a vision about how she could use her skills as a jewellery artist to empower women to make a collective difference.

With hands-on experience in business development and project management, Veronika Osmikhovska realized that what truly makes her happy is shaping and implementing ideas from the moment they are born to when they come alive. She always wanted her life to be about something bigger than herself. In a serendipitous moment, she shared her thoughts with Anat and they realised they’d be the perfect team.

Veronika fell in love with the idea of creating beautiful pieces that reveal and strengthen the superpowers of women, while simultaneously giving back to the environment. Breathing life into this project became her true passion.

And so Okéan Collection was born, with the idea that as a tribe, we can feel empowered to start a movement to make a real impact on the planet.

“It’s about time we started believing in ourselves and in our personal and collective power. Our jewellery is a talisman of reclamation. A symbol of our values and the mission we’re on!” Anat Kaplan

“The idea of turning a piece of art into a movement that empowers women worldwide and helps our oceans will bring a change.” Veronika Osmikhovska